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Relevant information due to frequently asked questions on transmissions and their repairs

In case you wish to have the transmission repaired, by sending it to us, please do remember:

to pack the transmission steadily
to secure the package from any oil leaks (in such cases, the package will be either left in the sorting depot or is returned to the sender)
send solely the transmission: no clutch release forks, transmission paws and any other elements that influence the package's weight or damage/loss during shipment
attach the description of operation/damage to the package
upon performing the repair, we send the transmission by means of UPS package delivery company nationwide, or through Raben company throughout Europe

In case of automatic transmission, remember to conduct diagnosis/error reading before removing it.


In case you wish to purchase transmission, please be aware that:

disclosed prices include the return of the old transmission
in case of sales, the price of transmission is calculated along with a returnable deposit that we return at the bank account specified by the purchaser upon receiving the old transmission
the deposit amounts to 800 PLN in case of a manual transmission and 1,200 PLN in case of automatic
for passenger cars, we provide 12 months of warranty period, in case of delivery vehicle the period is 6 months
we ALWAYS send transmission that is dry, contains no oil



If you have any questions, please call:

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+48 693 701 001

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Did you know that...

We offer ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE for 24 hours, 7 days throughout the week

We can repair transmission in vehicles of all brands

We repair and regenerate manual, automatic and semi-automatic transmissions

We offer transmission maintenance services along with a wide range of automotive mechanics services

You can send the removed transmission to us by courier for repair/regeneration