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Not every car owner is aware that transmission is one of the most important and precise components that can be found in our cars. Unfortunately, transmissions - as any other mechanisms - are also subject to wearing off. Grinding of gears, noise and resistance while changing gears - these are the typical symptoms of an excessively exploited transmission. In such cases, we cordially invite you to visit our workshop. We ensure quick and most of all - effective repair!

Huka這wicz Skrzynie Bieg闚 company consists of a team of realdeal specialists in this profession. Transmission regeneration is our sheer specialty - we are able to perform our job on most car brands and models. Nonetheless, we continue to improve our skills - we constantly develop our technological base and participate in specialist trainings.

While providing our services, we focus on approaching each customer individually. We believe that establishing proper relations is important on a par with properly executed work. We always take care to make our offer stand out amongst others - that is why you will find competitive prices in our company along with services that are provided thoroughly, swiftly and quickly.

We regenerate all types of manual transmissions and a vast majority of automatic transmissions in Tiptronic, Steptronic, CVT, Multitronic, DSG, DCT, S-tronic, Sprintshift, Easytronic, MMT passenger cars.



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We offer ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE for 24 hours, 7 days throughout the week

We can repair transmission in vehicles of all brands

We repair and regenerate manual, automatic and semi-automatic transmissions

We offer transmission maintenance services along with a wide range of automotive mechanics services

You can send the removed transmission to us by courier for repair/regeneration