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Clutch regeneration

We provide complex clutch regeneration suitable to all types of cars and dual mass flywheels - all this offered at attractive prices. We offer hydrokinetic clutches, manual transmissions as well as aft thrust bearings. We reinforce clutches in manual transmissions to up to 600 nm. If you decide to regenerate your clutch, our workshop is the right place to do it!

We offer reinforced clutches that fit all types of vehicle brands and models. Our clutches are characterized by durability that is twice as long as others as well as significantly higher in terms of effectiveness in transferring engine torque. We replace VAG group clutches. Furthermore, there is also a possibility to convert dual mass flywheels to single-mass. We also sell reinforced DS and Multitronic flywheels.

Sports driving constitutes a great burden for both the engine and drivetrain. Enormous forces applied on the clutch (each start, changing of gear without reducing gas or engine braking) result in great strains. The perfect solution for this are performance clutches. They will provide a favorable engine torque without slipping, they work in much higher temperatures (700 degrees C) and ensure that the pedal travel is much shorter. However, one ought to remember that this type of clutch is not suitable for urban traffic. It is designed especially for extreme and dynamic sports driving.

Dynamic development of sports cars, especially mile drag racing, results in the need to find new solutions. "Chip tuning" is the frequent change in the map of fuel injection that can be modified freely and thus allows to influence the amount of engine torque and its location as well as drive unit power. When the engine torque drive is enormous, one ought to remember to modernize parts that are responsible for transferring engine power to the wheels. The first such element is the clutch, which is often prone to crash. Serialized clutches cope with torque growth by approx. 25%. However, their durability plummets. When starting, a traditional clutch slips until the car starts to roll. Each change of gear is a slip and, therefore, results in increase of temperature and drop of the friction factor. During normal exploitation in urban traffic, it reaches the temperature balanced between 150 - 200 degrees C. The first symptoms that indicate that the clutch cannot manage the increased torque is the slip on the fourth or fifth gear after dynamically applying more gas - then the value of the torque is at its highest. By increasing the dynamics of the engine, one can notice that we lose the energy irrecoverably by a slip of the clutch.

Under normal exploitation, the clutch can usually cover around 120,000-180,000 km on average. Afterwards, the first symptoms of excessive exploitation can be recognized. Of course, the best solution is to buy a complete clutch at an Authorized Services Workshop. However, please do remember that the assortment of clutches "for second assembly" often includes parts that underwent regeneration. Such elements were repaired by industrial means and their efficiency does not differ from brand-new parts. Long-term experience indicates that it is better to regenerate an original clutch rather than buy a cheap imitation of questionable quality.

After cleaning the clutch pressure plate, we check its strength and the depth of the clutch. This provides us with an image of the level of its exploitation. We pay close attention to the central spring - whether its broken or does not have excessive loose in the fastening points, whether the contact area with the aft thrust bearing is excessively worn out. Three flat springs play a vital role in proper functioning of the plate. They are often overheated or bent. The iron pressure ring, by grinding against the clutch plate, starts to heat up and deform. Pressure plates with regulation that compensates exploitation of lining of the clutch plate ought to have a regulator that is pushed back into its primary position. These are some of the problems that we need to cope with in terms of clutch pressure plates. In the clutch modernization process, it is important to convert the pressure plate. Its power can be measured by means of a dynamometer and its value can be doubled. While engine braking, the pressure plate is subject to unfavorable forces that might result in damage. By applying appropriate elements, we prevent any breakdowns.



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