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Vehicle mechanics:

In order to provide our customers with complex car services, Huka這wicz Skrzynie Bieg闚 company offers a vast base for conducting current maintenance repairs and providing services in the widely understood area of mechanics:

We offer a broad portfolio of services in terms of current maintenance repairs for vehicles from the Tri-City and adjacent areas. We engage in suspension replacement and repairs as well as perform braking system, fuel system, drive system repairs along with many other services related to vehicle repairs. Parts and replaceable accessories come only from trusted producers, we engage in long-term co-operation with car wholesales in the Tri-City and nationwide. For us, there are no problems that we cannot handle!

Drive systems
Braking systems
Fuel systems
Electrics / electronics

We conduct complex engine repairs! Our specialized staff will be glad to answer your questions, conduct specialist diagnostics and, afterwards, present you with the most favorable option for repair/replacement of a particular part. We offer the highest quality of services and professional care. Come and visit us!

Engine overhauls
Engine replacements
Cylinder head overhauls

Our company has specialist machines and equipment dedicated to turbochargers repairs. In most cases, turbocharger regeneration is possible. Appropriate selection of rotor and bearing re-boring is just a matter of selecting an appropriate workshop. We offer: assembly, disassembly, regeneration of all types of mechanical vehicles. We engage in professional turbine regeneration. We approach each order with utmost precision, see for yourself!

Turbine regeneration
Turbine replacement

Our company also provides services in the field of computerized diagnostics. We deal with deleting computer errors. We use the most modern programs for testing car drive computers. We also conduct key coding. If, for unknown reasons, a control light is flashing in your car, it is worth coming to us and checking what is the cause. We will propose a solution for this afterwards!

Full diagnostics of all types of transmissions
Deleting service inspections
Deleting errors
Key coding



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Did you know that...

We offer ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE for 24 hours, 7 days throughout the week

We can repair transmission in vehicles of all brands

We repair and regenerate manual, automatic and semi-automatic transmissions

We offer transmission maintenance services along with a wide range of automotive mechanics services

You can send the removed transmission to us by courier for repair/regeneration